Dream Coaching

What is said about us

  • Dimitris Papaioannou
    “I am now confident to say that I have changed my perception and attitude in many ways. I have improved my interpersonal relations; I have managed to introduce new activities of joy in my everyday life.”
    Dimitris Papaioannou
    Microsystems engineer, Dresden
  • Nancy Markou
    “The communication and coordination were so great that I want to be part of the School of Dreams every time it takes place.”
    Nancy Markou
    Social worker - Child yoga teacher, Patra
  • Touma Bayoumi
    “With Dream Coaching, through love and connection with the present, I found my way back from where I had begun. Day after day, I managed to make dreams again and I am now walking the Path of Dreamer. Deep from my heart, soul, mind, I wish God lights your way.”
    Touma Bayoumi
    Private employee, London
  • Aggeliki Poliou
    “They are totally harmonised with the psychology of the group. They brought to our reality, through actions and examples, how one can apply the change of mind towards balance and happiness.”
    Aggeliki Poliou
    Insurance consultant, Athens
  • Giorgos Kounelis
     “I was impressed by the chemistry between you two which led to an effective synergy. I could feel your positive energy and your good intention in every session.”
    Giorgos Kounelis
    Office manager of insurance consultants, Ethniki Insurance Company
  • Katerina Chaska
    “Dream Coaching! Every time I say it out loud I feel thrilled, cause I deserved this gift I treated myself and every day I am thankful to life that was so abundant!! If everyone could travel on “Dreamers’ Path”, the world would be literally happy!!! Thank you from the deepest part of my soul!!!”
    Katerina Chaska
    Actress, theatre director
  • Elissavet Georgiou
    “I experienced 4D Dream Coaching® method during a period of time that my dreams were suppressed by a crisis and disappointment. It is really extraordinary how it can help you to take back your strength, to keep dreaming and to make your dreams come true. I am so thankful!!!”
    Elissavet Georgiou
    Business psychologist, psychotherapist

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