4D Dream Coaching® - Individual Sessions

“The Dreamers’ Path”

In Dreamers’ Way we created “The Dreamer’s Path”, a series of structured, experiential sessions of 4D Dream Coaching® with respect to our mission, the awakening of the Dreamer inside us.
The sessions are aimed at those who know it is time to stop complaining about the world out there not being the one they desire and who are willing to take action for its transformation.
It consists of 2 training circles, of 14 individual or group sessions each.

1st training circle


During the 1st training circle, “The Dreamers’ Path” shows us the way towards the field of our infinite potential! We learn that not only we CAN, but we also DESERVE to create the reality we desire. We start our journey by discovering the route of happiness and by learning to derive pleasure from Now, we experience the wholeness of life. We meet our heart and we pose questions about the dreams that nest in it. We dare to ask our life what it wants from us and step by step we connect with our purpose in it. We change our restrictive beliefs and get closer to our dreams. We face our fears and our “pain body” as we are trained in the power of Now and the law of attraction.

2nd training circle


During the 2nd circle, we work on further energy techniques that we can use in our everyday life. As we walk on the path of our dreams, we learn how to cope with our losses and the obstacles of our ego. We also learn how to define the different “roles” we play and why we create dysfunctional relationships. With acceptance and forgiveness as our guides, we enjoy the happiness of walking together from “I” to “we”. We enjoy a dreaming life full of abundance.
Beside the two structured training circles of personal process, “The Dreamers’ Path” can be supported by additional 4D Dream Coaching® sessions.

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