4D Dream Coaching® - Be a 4D Dream Coach®

Coaches’ professional training

If, whatever your current job, you love to support people achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams, then it is probably the right time for you to be a 4D Dream Coach®.
In Dreamers’ Way, we created the professional training of 4D Dream Coaching® by combining our love for human beings with the technical qualities we have gained through many individual sessions and workshops about the art of dreaming.

What differentiates 4D Dream Coaching® from other forms of coaching, such as Life Coaching or Business Coaching?

It is totally focused on inspiring people to explore their dreams and bring them to their reality.

Through this specific process, people approach their mission and, maybe for the first time in their life, they experience a sense of purpose.

It is a path of self-awareness and a spiritual process of contact and connection with our unlimited possibilities.

While 4D Dream Coaching® is based on the scientifically proven theories of Cognitive–Behavioral and Systemic Psychology and Quantum Physics, it is at the same time a path of consciousness-awakening.

Who is it addressed to?

It is meant for whoever already works or is willing to work, in a position that supports people!
A specialization in 4D Dream Coaching® may interest:

Psychologists, Psychotherapists



Doctors, Nursing personnel

Counsellors in mental health

Life or Business Coaches

Top managers and executives, HR managers

Whoever desires to make a career as a 4D Dream Coach®
The necessary qualification is love for people and faith in their infinite potential!

How can I become a 4D Dream Coach®?;

Dreamers’ Way has developed “The Dreamer’s Path”, which consists of two structured circles of 14 personal sessions of 4D Dream Coaching® each. In order to become a 4D Dream Coach® you have to participate in the coordinator’s training programme.
Each educational circle consists of:

5 training weekends
specific hours of mentoring to support you in your first steps

pro bono practice and

a written essay based on the experience gained in the programme.


At the end of each educational circle, you have the right to practise 4D Dream Coaching® by using the material and the notes of Dreamers’ Way and facilitate the Dreamer’s Path as a personal process.

The principles of 4D Dream Coach®

I totally respect the process of 4D Dream Coaching® “The Dreamer’s Path” and:
  1. I recognise that the most effective technique is love and each time I consider what I have to do, I connect with the selfless love of my heart!
  2. I honour diversity, the unique qualities and talents of each person and I respect everyone’s way of life, limits and choices!
  3. I am a coordinator in order to serve people with love, compassion, courtesy and humility!
  4. I know that the most effective way of teaching is by my example and I personally apply the techniques that I teach in my daily life!
  5. We are all One and as a result, I honour each person as a teacher who has come to my life to mirror aspects of my personality and I am grateful for that.
  6. I always have in mind that I facilitate people in their personal development and thus I treat them with care, courtesy and responsibility.
  7. I recognise that I do not possess a unique truth and I encourage people to find their own truth, which I respect and accept even if it is completely different from my own truth!
  8. I leave my expectations outside each session and I am completely present there!
  9. I welcome new 4D Dream Coaches® in the community of “The Dreamers’ Path and I support them with love and humility!
  10. I express my gratitude for the contribution of the participants to the path of my own evolution and I honour their presence!

Dream & change your reality