What is 4D Dream Coaching®?

It is a deep experiential and spiritual process. With the proper tools and models and within an environment of trust and security, it helps people to discover and implement their dreams, as well as to connect themselves with their life purpose and their unlimited possibilities.

It is called 4D (dimensions) because it relies on four basic pillars: coaching, mentoring, training, spirituality.


It is a cooperation that facilitates growth and accelerates the process of high performances, while supporting people through their way in fulfilling their dreams and goals. It is a relationship that accelerates the process of personal and professional growth.


Spirituality is the process that enables us to explore the purpose of our life and achieve internal peace. It is the way that keeps us connected to our unlimited possibilities. It “awakens” us and aligns us with the purpose of our existence.


The training process is scientifically documented and carefully designed. It includes activities that strengthen and encourage people towards further development of their skills and abilities. It facilitates them in enriching their knowledge and changing their attitude and behaviour, so as to walk steadily towards the path of their Dreams.


4D Dream Coaches® are supported by a Mentor who supplies them with knowledge, experience, views and encouragement in order for them to feel secure as they take their steps on their self-awareness path.

What differentiates 4D Dream Coaching® from other forms of coaching, such as Life Coaching or Business Coaching?

4D Dream Coaching® is totally focused on inspiring people to explore their dreams and bring them to their reality. Furthermore, through this specific process, people approach their mission and experience, maybe for the first time in their life, with a sense of purpose. At the same time, it is a path of self-awareness and a spiritual process of contact and connection with the field of our unlimited possibilities.
Moreover, while 4D Dream Coaching® is based on the scientifically proven theories of Cognitive-Behavioral and Systemic Psychology and Quantum Physics, it is at the same time a path of consciousness-awakening.

Dream & change your reality