School of Dreams

“The School of Dreams and our infinite potential”

What is my mission? What are my dreams? Do I really own my dreams or are they not mine? Can I stop complaining why the world out there is not like I desire? What can I do in order to see the change I want? How can I make my dreams come true? How can I have more material, emotional and spiritual abundance in my life?
How can an organization connect the Dreams of the employees with its mission and purpose?
If you are interested in these questions and if you feel that the time has come to give your own answers, we invite you to a fascinating, experiential trip to the art of dreaming with your mind and heart.
Why one more workshop?
If you are feeling that something is wrong, that for a long period of time you have been in a phase of transition and there is something that should be changed, that the way you used to do things is of no relevance any more, then in“The School of Dream and our infinite potential” we will open the gate to the “next day”.
Where has our way of thinking led us today?
It has led to spectacular, however fragile, results in our personal and work lives, to emotional pollution, to endless working hours, to burn-out, to environmental degradation and to alienation.
Do we need something new?
We need a sense of purpose and mission, clarity about our dreams, change in our restricting beliefs, relationships based on trust and love, harmonisation with the laws of nature and connection with the power of our personal “here and now”.
How can I benefit myself as a person and as a organization by “The School of Dream and our infinite potential”?
It is an experiential workshop with contemporary scientific data from the fields of coaching, cognitive and positive psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics. It uses experiential activities, mindfulness techniques and energy methods that are awakening our internal wisdom and our dynamic. With means that activate small synchronised miracles, the difficulties in human relationships are transcended and our dreams are activated.
With a holistic approach for mind, body and emotions, with balanced application of both cerebral hemispheres, we adopt a new way of thinking that leads to harmonized relationships and sustainable results in all our desires.

Business workshops

Companies from a variety of markets have honoured us with their trust in training their executives. Moreover, our multiannual experience in the field of adult education, counselling and coaching, are assets for the participants in our workshops.

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Dream & change your reality