Who we are

Our Vision

Together we aim for an awakened world full of love, harmony, enthusiasm, joy, beauty and abundance.

Our Mission

We help people reach the Dreamer inside them to create the reality we each deserve.

Our Philosophy

The art of Dreaming is a pathway of personal evolution. We co-create our reality and we believe that whatever exists within us is mirrored in our life.
A person or an organization/business can change and attract greater material and emotional abundance only when its inner reality, its “being”, changes. We trust ourselves in life with faith. We know that the field of our unlimited potential and what we “can and deserve” are available to everyone.

Our team


Voula Florou

Voula Florou is a 4D Dream Coach® & Mentor and co-founder of Dreamers’ Way.
She studied English Literature at the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens. She has years-long experience in financial organizations, working in sales and management training.
In 2008 she founded “florou&associates training & coaching” and provided educational programmes in many organizations and businesses. With a Master’s degree in Adult Education, she has more than 10.000 training hours of experience in skills development and behavioural change.
She was trained in coaching at the CoachU with specialization in Executive Coaching. She then studied Synthetic Counselling with further studies in Systemic Psychotherapy at the Athenian Institute of Anthropos (AIA) and Gestalt at the Gestalt Foundation. She also went deep into mindfulness and well-being techniques at the University of Damanhur (Alchemy School).

As a Coach and Counsellor of Mental Health, she supports people and organizations in transforming their dreams into reality.


Spiros Marinos

Spiros Marinos is a 4D Dream Coach® & Mentor and co-founder of Dreamers’ Way.
He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University and has worked as a manager for 24 years. With his encouragement and impetus his teams were distinguished for both quantitative and qualitative results. He continued his training in teams’ communication at Panteion University and was also trained in Systemic Psychotherapy Approach.
He has lived for a time in India, at Osho Multiversity, where he was trained in mindfulness, well-being and social meditation. He has studied Counselling, with specialization in relationships and communication, at Osho Humaniversity in Holland.
He is certified as a PSYCH-K® facilitator (a system of changing beliefs and emotional balance) and PER-K® (a system of development in working places). He is a trained Business & Life Coach and attended the programme, “Future leaders for the world”, of Professor Dr. Stefano D’Anna, founder of the European School of Economics.
In 2014, he founded DreamsRaft and since then he supports people and organizations to uncover their Dreams and follow the way towards them.

A Story of Truth

© photo by Maro Kouri

Happiness is the destination! Happiness is not just the lack of sadness or pain! It is the Joy of Existence that we all deserve to live in our short ride on this planet.
When we started our personal journey, our only motivation was the law of cause and effect: “If you work hard and you suffer enough, you will be rewarded! And this is what you must do in all aspects of your life!”
We thus lived our lives as vicious circles of pain and relief derived from a dissatisfaction that was not even conscious. Many times it was enough for us just to feel less pain because something “good” was happening out there. That is what we could call happiness.
At some point, as we had enough of those eternal repetitions of pain, Life with its endless compassion and care shook us and whispered: “HEY! WAKE UP! THERE MUST BE ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE!”
It was then that a new journey started for us. We were like newborns, realising that we can co-create our reality and are 100% responsible for it! It was like slowly becoming detached from our principal belief that chance defines our life and if it favours us, we can pursuit happiness!
It is obvious that in that primary status of our awakening, we could not even imagine how we could reach a different reality. However, it was a start and a new truth began to spread its roots… “as inside, thus outside”.
At that point we understood that we were not holding the Columbus’ egg. The knowledge had always been there, although our consciousness was not open to its existence. Great scientists and teachers of this planet had already talked about the same ideas.
A completely different and brighter world began to develop in front of us, at a pace we could follow so as to sense and absorb the new knowledge. The message was straightforward: “Stop complaining, dream and ask for what you really want!”
This is how a part inside us was awakened and started dreaming. We began to connect with the Dreamer inside us. Obviously, the old and the new truth were struggling relentlessly for one of them to prevail. There were times that we were going back to the familiar pathway of victimising ourselves. However, there were as many other times that we were finding our way back to the new Truth.
Today, after many roads we have taken, we have decided to serve this path, by taking our next step and creating the Dreamers’ Way. We strongly believe that we all deserve a life full of joy and abundance.
Our purpose is to assist each one of you to reach the Dreamer inside you and also to find a sense of meaning in your life, as well as to facilitate organizations to stay connected with their Vision and Mission to serve the world.
We humbly address all of you who have felt that the never-ending sense of a life full of dissatisfaction can end and that you are ready to take the next step. We are here, having experienced our Truth, to walk beside you and guide you in the process of learning the art of Dreaming! Our workshops – “The Dreamers’ Path” and “The School of Dream and of our infinite potential“ -illuminate the way so each one of you discovers the Truth and the Dreamer inside you! All the knowledge acquired through our experiences and studies, has been systematised with love, so whomever is willing can be trained in the 4D Dream Coaching® method.
We are still students in this new consciousness emerging on our planet and of course we do not own a unique Truth. We dream of an awakened world where we all live with love, harmony, enthusiasm, joy, beauty and abundance! We believe that, whatever our business occupation, age, country or religion, we all deserve such a world!
Let’s take action for our own life!
“If not us, then who?”
“If not now, then when?”
Voula, Spiros

What is said about us

Ελισάβετ Γεωργίου

Εργασιακή Ψυχολόγος - Ψυχοθεραπεύτρια

«Βίωσα την εμπειρία του Dream Coaching σε μια περίοδο που τα όνειρά μου τα είχε σκεπάσει η λήθη της κρίσης και της απογοήτευσης. Είναι πραγματικά εκπληκτικό πώς σε βοηθά να βρεις πάλι τη δύναμή σου, να συνεχίσεις να ονειρεύεσαι και να κάνεις πραγματικότητα τα όνειρα αυτά. Ευχαριστώ!!!»

Κατερίνα Χάσκα

Actress-Theatre Director

«Dream Coaching!  Κάθε φορά που το λέω αισθάνομαι ιδιαίτερη συγκίνηση, γιατί αυτό το δώρο που έκανα στον εαυτό μου το άξιζα και κάθε μέρα εκφράζω ένα μεγάλο "ευχαριστώ” στη ζωή, που ήταν τόσο άφθονη μαζί μου!! Αν όλοι οι άνθρωποι είχαν την ευκαιρία να ταξιδέψουν στο ”Μονοπάτι του  Ονειρευτή”, ο κόσμος πραγματικά θα ήταν ευτυχισμένος!!! Ευχαριστώ από τα βάθη της ψυχής μου!!!»

Γιώργος Κουνέλης

Διευθυντής Γραφείου Ασφαλιστικών Συμβούλων Εθνικής Ασφαλιστικής

«Πολύ καλή μεταξύ σας χημεία, συνέργεια αποτελεσματική. Υπήρχε θετική ενέργεια σε κάθε συνάντηση και πολύ καλή πρόθεση»

Αγγελική Πόλιου

Ασφαλιστική Σύμβουλος, Αθήνα

«Απόλυτα εναρμονισμένοι με την ψυχολογία της ομάδας, έφεραν στην πραγματικότητα με πράξεις και παραδείγματα πώς εφαρμόζεται η αλλαγή σκέψης για ισορροπία και ευτυχία»

Touma Bayoumi

Ιδιωτικός Υπάλληλος, Λονδίνο

«Στο Dream Coaching, μέσα από την αγάπη και την επαφή με το παρόν, βρήκα ξανά το δρόμο που είχα ξεκινήσει. Μέρα με τη μέρα, μπόρεσα ξανά να κάνω όνειρα και περπατάω πια το Μονοπάτι του Ονειρευτή. Από καρδιάς, ψυχής, μυαλού, εύχομαι να φωτίζει ο θεός το δρόμο σας»

Νάνσυ Μάρκου

Κοινωνική λειτουργός - Δασκάλα παιδικής γιόγκα, Πάτρα

«Η επικοινωνία και ο συντονισμός ήταν τέτοιος που θέλω να έρχομαι στο Σχολείο του Ονείρου όσες φορές γίνεται»

Δημήτρης Παπαϊωάννου

Microsystems Engineer, Δρέσδη

«Πλέον μπορώ να πω πως έχω αλλάξει τρόπο αντίληψης και στάση σε πολλά ζητήματα, έχω βελτιώσει τις διαπροσωπικές μου σχέσεις, κατάφερα να εντάξω νέες δραστηριότητες χαράς στην καθημερινότητά μου»

Dream & change your reality